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Accessories Door Car
 Light Sensor

The light sensor system prevents contacts between door panels and objects, detecting them as soon as they cross the closing area. Two slim-line light sensor strips create a light curtain between the panels.

Detector Kit

The Detector Kit allows to statically fastening the detector on the car rather than on the edges of the door panels. This still position permits to reduce the cable wear and to prevent vandalism or accidental damages.

Retractable toe guard

The retractable toe guard allows you to comply with EN81 standards even if your lift pit is lower than 750 mm by safety switch and adjustable feet

Finger safety device for door panels (EFSD)

EFSD prevents fingers to be trapped when dragged by glass panels, according to EN81 standards. Thanks to a movable edge, the device reverses the panel's motion as soon as it detects a contact between fingers and door frame.

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