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IP Elevator
 ENSI IP Elevator was made specially for uncovered places, high humidity, high dusty or high traffic locations or special placements such as industrial factories, power stations, cement plants, petrochemical industrials and etc. the components of this kind elevator have High level of Degree of protection (IP54) that it prevents humidity and dust. These equipments manufacture with specific high stability design. Customers can offer Lift for explosion-protected areas in this model. Some of the IP elevator that planned and designed by our own engineers and technicians install in JANSCHWALDE and LIPPENDROF power-station in Germany according to power-station standards. The detail of components is as follow.


 Special Lock Executions

Lock IP54 - Waterproof door lock
The lock system "BT" IP54 is ideal for installations working in particularly wet and dusty environments, achieving protection level IP54.


 Door Operation

Range of Power Consumption drive is between 150w to 900 w with Protection Class IP54 or higher. These drives have different model for each application with DC or AC 3 phase motor.



Degree of protection IP54
 High level of efficiency due to multiple stage tooting, low energy consumption.


 control unit

              Special wiring/ cabling
              enhanced protection level (IP54)
              enhanced functional life

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