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Hydrolic Elevator
 The design activity concerns both current production and research and development of new products, suggested from the market or resulting from the unceasing improvement of the existing products. As the Company’s activity concerns both sole components and packages, ENSI’s choice has been to favor the pursuit of the product quality, guaranteed through a meticulous and accurate system of certification, both compulsory and voluntary. In accordance with the Lift Directive 95/16/EC, a lot of Models of lift packages have been certified and they are already available.

Hydrolic Drive

 We supplied the different applications of direct and indirect hydraulic drives are as follow by giving samples.

Direct jackets


1-Direct blow the car

This arrangement is generally used in special design needs



2-twin jack direct at side.

This arrangement is used for large scale goods elevators with short travels

Indirect jackets


1-cantileverd direct

In this arrangement, the connection between sling and piston is direct (1:1 system).




2-cantileverd 1:2 roped

In this arrangement, the connection between sling and piston is indirect and is carried out through a 1:2 system with ropes tied to the sling on one side and to a dead-end hitch in the pit, with a pulley set on the piston head, on the other.




3-twin jack 1:2 roped

This arrangement is used for goods elevators with long travel. The same concepts as the ones concerning the 1:2 system arrangements are applied.




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