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ENSI's offer a range of escalators that further enhance our range of products and services we truly are a one-stop-shop for all your escalator needs. We have 3 core products on offer whichwill cover virtually any situation.

LE Escalator
The ENSI LE Escalator combines elegant design, graceful style and flexibility, with reliability and a range of options that adds a further dimension to your escalators. This modern product with its ultra-thin handrail, stainless steel balustrade, profiles and structured land plate is particularly suitable for shopping centers, hotels, banks and a host of otherĀ­ applications.


HD Escalator
The ENSI HD Escalator is a heavy duty escalator ideal for large traffic flow areas such as train stations or underground railways. The way, in which the escalator is manufactured, with many of the individual components reinforced, means that the ENSI HD is not only strong but also reliable.

 The ENSI range of travelators offers you the opportunity to move large volumes of people quickly, be it horizontally or on a vertical incline. The range comes in 2 versions.
The ENSI Moving walkway (ET1) offers horizontal and inclined versions without flat steps at the start of the run, or the Ramp (ET2) which is inclined with a flat step at the front. The range is ideal for places such as airports, shopping centers or other high volume traffic areas.

New series


ENSI's genesis, is due to steadfast the will to realize a new organizational and operating model through which maximize the entrepreneurial potentialities of many Germany elevators companies that have been opeĀ­rating in this field for years in an independent way. In this way we provide the new series escalator and travelator; VICTORY with best quality in motion. This case has different option to request and taste's customers. VICTORY series is the first step towards this ambitious target.


1- New Design Handrail Inlet
2- Skirting Liting
3- Running Direct Indicator
4- Automatic Start/Stop
5-Skirt Panel Brush
6- Balustrade Lighting
7- Handrail Color

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