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Drives Elevator

 ENSI drives provide high quality geared and gearless machines with more than 100 years of experiences for lift applications, setting the highest standard in the high rise segment and proposing smart solutions in the machine room-less and modernization market.

Elevator Gear Units

 Gear unit systems are supplied complete and coupled in Germany country.

Technical parameters
Spur-worm or worm-spur gear motor unit
Lifting speed v = 0, 63 … 1, 6 m//s
Payload Q = 320 … 6000 kg
Suspension 1:1 & 2:1
Shaft efficiency = 84%
Traffic= 240 s/h
Voltage 3 x 400 V
Noise pressure level <65 dB (A)

* Two point bearing (torque reaction lever and fixed bearings) 
* Traction sheave brake as safety catch in upward direction in accordance with EN 81
* Motor with double brake, noise-absorbed, electrically ventilated
* With attached incremental encoder
* Motor control with frequency converter, Brake as holding brake
* Don't need oil; life time
* Other parameters on customer’s request Conform to EN 81-1

• Suitable for applications with separate machining room operation and without machining room
• low noise electro-magnetic double brake, can be individually controlled with manual brake release
• Degree of protection IP 54
• High level of efficiency due to multiple stages toothing,low energy consumption, low noise level, compact and space-saving


Gearless drive system

 Compared to traditional gearbox machines, gearless technology offers advantages like reduced noise and vibrations and increased suspension load. Gearless machines are environmentally friendly, reducing the energy consumption and eliminating the need for lubricating oil.
Gearless drive systems are supplied complete with traction sheave, measuring and brake system. These drives made and couple in Germany country.

Technical parameters
Synchronous motor
Rated speed v = 1,0 m/s ... 7,0 m/s
 Loads Q =  up to 6000 kg
Suspension = 1:1 & 2:1
Traffic= 240 s/h

General Specification
• Complies with Lift Directive 95/16/EC and EN 81-1 specifications
• High-efficiency drive; reduced power consumption; low-noise level
• Interchangeable traction sheave in ductile cast iron
• Various mounting positions possible within the shaft
• Reliable sturdy design; high axial loads permitted
• Adaptable options regarding voltage, speed, torque, measuring system, braking    
torque and traction sheave parameters
• Easy to upgrade, with standard and special machine frames, rope pulleys and      
• Fail-safe brake, type-tested to EN 81-1

Mini gearless drive

 Technical parameters of one kind of Gearless and MRL
Max. Load capacity [kg] 630  ,  1000
Speed [m/s] 1, 0
Suspension 2:1
Max. Axle load [kg] 1650  ,   2500
Shaft efficiency 0,75
Weight [kg]    190,   235

Synchronous motor with high performance permanent magnets
•Temperature monitoring using a thermistor
Redundant brake system in accordance with EN 81-1
•Micro switches for brake function monitoring
•Certified as safety gear in upward direction
Integral measuring system
•Absolute: resolution 13 bit
•Incremental: 2048 pulses 1 Vss
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