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Landing Doors

 ENSI provides the lift industry with versatile and high-quality doors with half century history. Design Flexibility, coupled with full certification range and Germany technology makes ENSI landing doors suitable for every application.
Furthermore, the vast variety of finishing and executions allows them to fit in every environment: from residential to exclusive office buildings, from exterior installations to luxurious vessels, from industrial buildings to hospitals.

Kind Of Doors

 Straight, round, top driven, under driven doors with steel, glass panel and complete glass materials suitable for every application; residential-low duty, mid duty, heavy duty, freight lifts, marine, modernization. Table of selection doors is as follow file  See more...

The ENSI landing doors have different model; telescopic and central door till 6 panels with 600 to 3200 mm width and 1900 to 3500 mm height. It increases to 5000 mm width and height opening in special doors (ENSI-TS). 
The examples of these doors are as follow:

Car Doors

 ENSI is leader in the lift doors segment, with state of the art technical solutions and unparalleled product range. Regardless of whatever your lift requires a round door with panoramic panels rather than a straight or a folding one just visits our download area to find the best solution for your needs.


Door Drives

 The different door drives to provide the ideal solution for each application. These models suitable traffic of lifts as following:

• Low traffic installation exp. Residential Buildings, Small Offices.
• Medium-high traffic installation exp. Public buildings,offices,medium-high traffic residential buildings and prestigious buildings.
• SUPRA high traffic installation exp. Hotels, hospitals, ships, public buildings, offices, high traffic residential buildings and prestigious buildings.

• Pre-configured - no adjustments on site necessary (plug & play)
• Continuous mass detection - self adapting acceleration/deceleration
• Electronically controlled closing force
• Simple speed profile setting by DIP-switch
• Flexible interface (programmable I/O)
• Emergency battery supply - 24 V
• Extension boards for special applications (Bus interface, high voltage  
inputs, ...)
• Output signal handling for light screens or photocells
• Self diagnostics
• Programming tool or PC connectivity for service and fine tuning

Special ENSI Doors

  I) Fire Rated Doors
ENSI special doors are fire rated according to several fire standards. These doors have different model; telescopic and central door till 6 panels with 600 to 3200 mm width and 1900 to 3500 mm height opening.
See standards of fire door in Technical Info. See more...

 II) Special Frames
 Angular or Tubular frames models
These particular types of frames are designed to simplify the modernization of existing lifts. Their shape allows them to be installed in narrow spaces or to be hidden by architectural decorations. Furthermore, their application on existing shafts is easier, since they can be fastened with standard screw anchors only. These kinds of doors have telescopic and central model till 6 panels with 600 to 3200 mm width.

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