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Control Board

• Planning and construction in accordance with customer specifications
        Factory norms
        State norms
        Customer standards
        Specification sheets

• Lift controls for explosion-protected areas

• Special purpose lifts
        Car lifts
        Stage lifts, apron lifts
        Fire-brigade lifts
        Hospital lifts
        Ships' lifts
        Emergency evacuation systems

• Energy regeneration
        Power-return unit for
        frequency installations

• Special wiring/cabling
        enhanced protection level
        enhanced functional life
        halogen-free insulation

• Frequency Inverter VVVF
  Close Loop operation
  Password input in different level
  Setting more 100 parameter
  Interface for connect to PC
  External memory module
  Close Loop operation on both speed or torque control
  Adapted whit characterize of motor and encoder
    Setting switching frequency
  Decrease short transient process

Lift Control Type

Universal usability for rope-traction and hydraulic

Call-processing for up to 24 stops
-With motherboard
-With 2. Extension card
Local group-systems for up to 4 lifts
Reliable lift controls with micro processor
Factory- configuration of control functions and lifts characteristics
Adjustable start timing
Impulse count system
System cards with plug and clamp technique


The versatile one for cable and hydraulically operated lifts

Call-processing for up to 15 stops
Dual-button collective control up to 12 stops
Plain text display with menu-driven: touch screen
Fault memory


The specialist for both standard and special applications

Call-processing for up to 28 stops
Plain text display with menu-driven: touch-screen
Error memory
External memory module

The flexible one for every application

Call-processing for up to 60 stops
Plain texts display with menu-driven: display
Error memory

Integrated ZLT-central control module system
External memory module
CAN interface for serial data:
   to the lift cabin
   to the external calling panels

       Installation optimized
       Range of supply options
       Factory-configuration of controls

       Available spare parts in each location of world
       Professional cabinet set-up with clear and user friendly connection
       Range of supply options
CAN interface for digital floor-selection systems
RS 232 interface for PC, ZLT-Central control system and AWF-Lift
       maintenance function

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